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From the heart of Texas to the coast of Florida, here's a look at the 15 housing markets that experienced the largest home price growth of the last 10 years, according to Redfin.
December 20
From the Southeast to the Midwestern plains, here's a look at the 12 cities where first-time homebuyers can afford the largest share of houses for sale, according to First American.
December 12
What the initiation of the California Consumer Privacy Act means for the mortgage industry.
December 2
From product-specific variations in refinancing rates to pockets of depreciation in an otherwise healthy market, here are some details in housing-related data that highlight important underlying trends in the mortgage business.
November 27
From the municipalities surrounding Silicon Valley to New York's concrete jungle, here's a look at the 14 most expensive ZIP codes to buy a home in 2019, according to PropertyShark.
November 20
From the Tennessee-Kentucky border through coastal North Carolina, here are the 15 metro areas where millennial VA purchase-loan activity increased the most over the past fiscal year.
November 5
The Mortgage Bankers Association's annual convention rolled through Austin, Texas, this year, leaving behind important announcements and implications for the future of the mortgage industry.
October 30
From discussing the future of mortgage tech to discussing the ever-churning tides of political policies, here's a preview of the big issues, topics and ideas when the industry gathers in Austin, Texas, for the Mortgage Bankers Association's Annual Convention & Expo.
October 23
As global warming contributes to the spread of wildfires, those fires lead to the destruction of homes, mortgage delinquencies and defects. From Texas to California, these are the 15 housing markets with the highest wildfire reconstruction costs, according to CoreLogic.
October 15
Here's a look at five up-and-coming housing markets for digital mortgage professionals, based on home affordability and the availability of technology careers.
October 10
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